5 Things to do to Advance your Software Engineer Career

Becoming a software engineer is a very lucrative career choice. With the advancement of technology almost every company is looking for a software engineer. These careers typically garner a six figure salary and will give you a very stable career. If you are a software engineer you have already made an excellent decision, it is an ever expanding industry.

It is a great field to be in and many jobs are being created in the sector. However, the field is becoming increasingly competitive as many people begin to realize this. Here are 5 steps to continue to advance yourself in a software engineering career and set yourself apart from the pack:

  • Don’t specialize
  • Get experience at a big company
  • Work On your own projects
  • Join online communities
  • Move jobs frequently

These are a few recommendations for establishing yourself as a successful software engineer. It is important to not specialize as you want to make yourself hireable to many companies. Knowing multiple programming languages will set you apart from the pack and allow you to have job options. Focus on learning some of the most popular ones and learn as much as you can about all of them.

Getting experience at a big company is always a smart move. You want to know how big companies work as well as how to move up in them. Working at a big company has its benefits but can be difficult to move up in. However, placing a well respected large company in your resume will set you apart from many candidates in the field.

It is also important to work on your own projects. Having side coding projects will not only look good to a future employer but also could mean a big pay day for yourself. It is important to always keep in mind why you started coding and work projects you are passionate about.

Joining online communities is an amazing way to stay relevant with all the latest trends. You do not want to get comfortable and rely on old techniques. The world of tech is always advancing, it is important to keep up with the latest trends.

While stability is great, moving jobs frequently allows you to stay competitive as a software engineer. You can always have a competitive edge and allows you to be constantly renegotiating your salary to get the best possible deal. This also allows to get experience at multiple companies. You can test out what kind of company you enjoy, big and small. There is also the benefit of practicing different coding languages in action.

Many companies will utilize different coding styles and being well versed and having professional experience in all of them will allow you to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. These are all great tips to advance your software engineering career and can set you up to be very successful in your career. It is important to always keep in mind these 5 tips. In order to stay competitive it takes constant work, passion and perseverance but in the end it is worth it to become the success you always dreamed of.