A.I. The Next Big Thing

There can be many reasons to look for a new career choice. One main reason can be profit. Finding the next big thing is always a difficult task. It sets investors apart from many people as they know what to put their money in. With a career it is knowing what to put your time into.

This can be tricky to find. In this day in age with the advancement of the internet it is almost always something in technology that will be the next big thing. That is where you should start your search. Technology has come a long way in our life times and only continues to grow.

It is a competitive field but jobs will continue to grow in the sector and there will be a lot of money to be made. Silicon Valley has garnered some of the wealthiest people in the world all working in the technology field. There are 5 main fields which tech companies are always looking to hire qualified candidates:

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Business intelligence Developer
  • Research scientists
  • Big Data Engineer/ Scientist

These are all great careers in the tech field that will garner you a six figure salary. Many of these fields deal with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is definitely a new tech to keep your eye on. People will increasingly utilize AI in order to make their lives easier. This means having them in their houses, phones and cars . At all times any individual can have artificial intelligence helping them run their lives. Machine learning engineer is a great field to get into if you are looking to work in AI.

This is the heart of AI programming as they build and manage machine learning projects. It is perfect for anyone who has a background in applied research and data science. You must be able to demonstrate good AI programming as well as multiple program languages in order to garner a job in this field. This includes a working knowledge of Java, Python, and Scala.

While this may seem daunting all these programs can be learned. If you are into computers now is the time to put that into action. Classes can be taken online as well as at your local university to master any of these programs. Learning programming languages is an amazing skill to have. Software engineers are a hot commodity and knowing how programming languages makes you an extremely hireable person now and in the future.

Many programming jobs earn a cushy six figure salary giving you a lot of financial freedom. These jobs can also be freelance work as you can program apps for someone in a different state or country for good money and work from home or wherever you like. In an ever changing future it is important to stay competitive in the marketplace.

This means reading trends and deciding where to dedicate your time based on what the future will hold. Technology, data, AI, and coding is a safe bet and a good thing to place value in that will most certainly yield good returns.