Grocery Delivery Jobs

In a world where people value convenience more than anything and with a pandemic changing our way of life there are more and more delivery jobs out there.

There are now a bunch of apps out there where you can sign up to be a personal grocery delivery driver especially now that people are shelter in place or they just don’t want to risk their health. Similar to Postmates or Uber Eats but instead of delivering people’s food orders, you bring them their groceries.

A great app to use is called Shipt. To sign up for Shipt you only need a valid driver’s license and to be 18 years old. Once you sign up you can take people orders. You will go to a grocery store to pick out the items they desire, purchase them and deliver it to the household. Shipt deliverers reported making around 22 dollars and hour. You can work this job part time or full time. This is great money for a job that requires relatively no special skills and has a low barrier of entry.

Another option is Instacart. Same deal, you will do the shopping and delivery. However, this does not pay as much. Drivers reported warning from 9-20 dollars an hour. This is significantly less than the 22 dollars an hour at Shipt. A big difference is that you can keep 100 percent of your tips.

Another app you can utilize is Burpy. Burpy allows you to deliver groceries to people within your area. Burpy allows you to have a flexible schedule and work whenever you want. The best part about it is that drivers reported making 25 dollars per hour. You can keep your tips and get paid by direct deposit. This is a great gig that not only pays well but also gives you flexible hours. There are also apps like Postmates, Doordash and Favor. These apps are mostly for delivering food orders and can pay from 10-18 an hour.

Delivering groceries is a great way to earn extra cash and keep a flexible schedule. Many of these apps pay way better than a normal delivery driver. The good thing about delivering groceries is that you are usually bringing them to a mother or family. These people are more inclined to tip than a college student who is too lazy to get food and orders some on Favor.

Buying and delivering groceries is not a hard job and allows you the flexibility to choose when you want to work. With pay rates of 25 an hour in some cases the money is very good. This is a great side hustle for anyone looking to make some extra cash.

This can also be a good full time gig as 25 an hour is a great pay rate for a job that requires no special skills, only a car and a driver’s license. So if you need to make some extra cash or are looking for a well paying job with a low barrier of entry, delivering groceries is a great opportunity.