Hotel Staff – Shuttle Bus Driver

We’re looking for individuals with a pleasing demeanor and who have exceptional driving skills for the full time job position of a shuttle bus driver. We invite you to become part of us and grow with our team of highly motivated and ambitious team members. We provide excellent opportunities for our employees to gain upward mobility. We’re waiting to drive with you.

Job Essential Responsibilities

⦁ Should possess an outgoing personality with an inclination for outstanding customer service
⦁ Carrying out announcements through intercoms and provide assistance to passengers.
⦁ Assure guests and secure their luggage in an appropriate position before moving the bus.
⦁ Tactfulness in employing a forceful attitude to ensure the safety of guests
⦁ Carry out driving operations on pre-determined routes at wanted frequencies
⦁ Maintaining required contact with Dispatcher/Supervisor through radio and requesting directions from the designated authority in times of need
⦁ Prior notification of at least 4 hours should be given to the manager in case of absence to work.

Job Qualifications

⦁ Should hold a valid driver’s license. Commercial driver license is not mandatory
⦁ Candidates with a high school diploma are preferred, or training of 6 months in a related field.
⦁ DMV driving history for the current 39 months should be made available for scrutiny before hiring. Accidents which are chargeable will be analyzed on a case to case premise.
⦁ Capability to converse fluently in English. Reading and writing skills in English are required.

Career Benefits

⦁ Competitive compensation of up to $ 14 will be provided
⦁ Full-time Company benefits related to health insurance encompassing 401K will be provided.

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