How Being Spanish-English Bilingual Can Help You Find A Job

Did you know that there are over 55 million Spanish speakers in the United States? That includes those who have moved from the 21 Spanish-speaking countries in the world, as well as kids who grew up in bilingual households, and those who have learned Spanish in school. As the fourth largest language in the world being bilingual may not feel like a skillset, but it can help you find a job—and can help companies improve their service and expand their reach.

Every Industry Requires Spanish Speakers

One of the ways companies both large and small succeed is by better serving their Spanish-speaking customers. This might mean having bilingual customer service agents or ensuring at least one bilingual employee is on staff at all times. But the demand goes far beyond being bilingual, and to having industry-specific skill sets. Always be sure to play up being bilingual as it is something that can give you a competitive edge during your job hunt. It’s also an excellent way to help drive a new revenue stream through gig work.

Teaching And Tutoring

If you are bilingual and have a teaching degree or are an excellent student who enjoys helping others, you can offer tutoring services on Trabajo Latino. This could be helping an English-speaking student or adult learn Español or helping a Spanish speaking student or adult improve their English. You can also tutor Spanish-speaking students on all their school subjects while they are still learning English.  

Bilingual Writing Jobs

Translation software is good, but it falls short in many ways which is why the demand for bilingual writing is high. From translating legal documents to product descriptions, offering website content in both English and Spanish, or translating marketing materials in a manner that is both grammatically correct—and culturally relevant.

Translation For Health And Well-being

It can be scary enough going to the doctor or to court, but even scarier for someone who isn’t fluent in English. Nerves aside, miscommunication in health or legal situations can come with negative ramifications. For example, not clearly communicating health symptoms or not accurately taking a prescription. This means that being bilingual can help you empower someone’s health, well-being, and quality of life. While some hospitals and doctors’ offices offer translation, many don’t—so you can be hired as a gig worker to come with. Or you could translate with their lawyer or social worker.

Bilingual And Latino Representation Helps To Boost Sales

With 17% of the US population being Latino businesses who invest in diversifying their staff and business strategies give themselves a competitive edge. No, not all Latinos are Spanish-speaking, but we are a large and profitable demographic who companies will benefit by targeting and representing. From hiring gig workers to complete small projects to diversifying your full-time team, it’s a win/win for everyone.

If you are bilingual, consider gig work with Trabajo Latino as a way to expand your earning potential—or utilize us as a place to find skilled bilingual professionals across a variety of industries!