How To Build A Better LinkedIn Profile And Get Hired

In order to connect with employers today a solid LinkedIn profile is necessary to set yourself ahead of the average applicant. The first step in building a better LinkedIn is simply by creating one. You want to make sure you create an account when you first start applying for jobs. You can add your school and work experience to your profile and make it look resume esque. The first step is making sure that you have a professional well taken photo. You want to look clean cut and hirable to a potential employer. If you do not have a good photo, you should have one taken by a professional. You can get this done at a studio with a professional photography for around $50.

    The next step in building a better linkedIn profile is adding your college as well as high school to the profile. It is important to add this so that you may connect with alumni on the site. This is a great way to make more business connections with the people who you have gone to school with. You can also connect with professors who can endorse you on LinkedIn.

    After you have added these things you should add your work experience. It is important to add all your work experience and connect with anyone you may have worked with. This is important as these people may be able to help you gain jobs in the future. Former employers can also endorse you on linkedIn. It is important to add your skills to your profile. Once you have work experience your former employers can endorse your skills. When you have your skills endorsed an employer is more likely to look favorably upon you and trust your skills as a potential future employee.

    After you have done these things a great thing to ask for from past employers is to ask for recommendations. Recommendations will show up on your profile. This is almost like a recommendation letter that is public to anyone. This is great when you send your LinkedIn profile to a potential future employer they can see that you have been recommended by a past employer. It is a great way to set yourself apart and let an employer know your skills, knowledge and hardwork.

    These are all great steps in creating a solid LinkedIn profile. An important part of keeping your LinkedIn profile great is to make sure your profile is appealing. You should take some time to create an awesome headline for yourself. This is the first thing employers will see and it can showcase your talents as well as your writing skills. Make sure to be creative with your writing and get personal. It is a great tool to add a personal touch to your profile. With these things your LinkedIn profile should be looking very good to an employer. Some last things to keep in mind: make sure you have over 50 connections, add volunteer experience, don’t add people you don’t know, and make sure people can find you.