Is Ridesharing The Right Job For You?

Uber and Lyft are some great opportunities for anyone looking to make some extra cash or have a full time job as a driver or delivery man.

Uber and Lyft have different compensation and are a different experience to work for. With both you have the freedom of being your own boss and earning a somewhat decent living. Lyft drivers reported making around $17.50 per hour. This is a pretty solid hourly wage for a job that only requires that you have a vehicle. Uber drivers on the other hand reported making 2 dollars less than lyft drivers on average.

If you are thinking about a career in ride sharing you should first make sure that you have a fuel efficient car. If you do not have a fuel efficient car you should probably look for other employment as it would not be cost effective for you to go into a career that requires so much driving. The prime vehicle would be something like a prius or a hybrid that will give you up to 50 miles to a gallon. With these vehicles you can maximize the profitability of your service.

These services are easy to sign up for and all you need is a clean drivers license and your smartphone to sign up. They will run a background check on you and depending on the company, they may want to meet with you in person. It is fairly easy to get the job, if you pass all the requirements. You must have a working vehicle, valid driver’s license, insurance, and a working smartphone. Once you have the job you will be utilizing your smartphone to accept the jobs you desire within your area. Once you accept a job you meet the passenger and pick them up, taking them wherever they need to go. Depending on the passenger you can get a tip from them. They can tip any amount but will usually only tip a few dollars here and there.

 Having a ride sharing business can mean very good money for someone who fully commits to the job. If you are in a large metropolitan city you can earn up to 6 figures a year. You have to plan your day around the busiest times that people tend to need a ride. This means nights, lunchtime and in the morning when people are going to work. It can be difficult to choose what company to sign up for. Lyft pays better than Uber and you would be making more money. Uber, however is a larger service, so it has more users and it is available in more cities. Uber is a more business centric company while Lyft likes to create a fun atmosphere and encourages riders to sit shotgun with their drivers.

A ridesharing job is a great part time or full time gig for anyone looking to make good money. It has a low barrier of entry and allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours. It is an awesome option for anyone with a fuel efficient car who likes to meet new people.