Job Interview? What To Wear To Get Hired!

First impressions are extremely important especially in a job interview. What to wear is extremely important as you do not want to be underdressed. You want to present yourself in a way that is professional and put together. It is important to be well groomed and clean cut prior to the interview. Make sure you get a good haircut and properly shave your stubble. If you can rock a good clean cut beard, go ahead and rock it, it’s a good look these days. You should definitely have a suit ready to wear just in case. Women should have a pants suit ready to wear as well. This suit should be pressed and take to the dry cleaner before wearing it to the interview. Make sure it is a dark colored suit like navy blue or black. DO NOT sport a colorful suit that will end in ultimate rejection.

Your first option for wear should be a suit. Depending on the job you should decide whether or not you need a tie. You want to make sure that the suit is fairly new and fits properly. For women they should have a pants suit with a white shirt. It is important to look presentable. If it is any sort of finance job or internship it is a good rule of thumb to wear a suit and tie. Make sure that you tuck in your shirt, wear a belt, and have dress shoes and socks. It’s important to have all these things match, the tie, suit, shoes and belt. These must all be similar colors. Make sure to wear a black belt with a black or navy blue suit. Also make sure to have a white clean and pressed shirt underneath. It is always better to overdress than to underdress. While a tie is not always necessary, you should always try and wear a suit, at minimum a polo and dress pants.

You want to figure out the vibe of the company before deciding to dress. Women may wear pants suit and heels for a business professional vibe. It’s important to always plan on overdressing rather than underdress. While people might be more casual in the office it’s important at the least to show up in a collared shirt or a work dress for women. Dress more on the conservative side just so that you may present yourself in a professional manner and the company will know you are serious about wanting to attain the position.