Jobs That Pays A Minimum Of $15 An Hour

There are many opportunities out there that can offer pay up to $15 an hour within the US. For many of these opportunities you need only a high school diploma.

Many of these jobs are available within the service industry like waitressing, bartending and dish washing. These are great jobs to attain but can fluctuate in pay based on the establishment as well as the amount of tips you may or may not receive. These jobs are very frequent, however many require experience. These are great jobs to attain that usually will pay around $15 per hour. These can depend on the state you live in. Based on the cost of living as well as the minimum wage set within your state your wages can be higher or lower. The state with the highest minimum wage standard is Washington DC at $13.25  an hour with other states like California not too far behind at $12. The higher the minimum wage, the more likely you are to procure an opportunity that pays $15 an hour.

    While the service industry can be fun to work in, there are some more career type positions that will pay $15 an hour. Some of these opportunities include and executive assistant position. Many executive assistants make good pay if they are good at there job. This is a great starting point for anyone and can lead into a career with opportunity for advancement. It gives you the opportunity to earn good money as well as interact with executives on a daily basis and learn from their success. This is a great way to learn from someone who has been successful in their career and have some possibility for advancement in the company. Many people have started out as assistants and worked their way up the company.

    Another great position that will pay $15 an hour on average is a dental assistant. For this job you only need a high school diploma or equivalent. This is a great job where you can have steady income with good hours. It pays well and the work is not too hard. You get to interact and care for patients and do tasks within the office. It is also a great place to start if you are thinking about a career in medicine. There are some more opportunities within the medical field that will pay well if dentistry is not your thing. Another one is dispensing optician. A dispensing optician helps patients fit eyeglasses and contact lenses from the optometrists direction. They also help customers decide which frames and contact lenses to buy. Optometry is one of the lowest stress jobs out there and being a dispensing optician is stable, well paying work that allows you to interact with people. Some other opportunities that pay $15 an hour in the medical field are: Medical records and health information technician, medical transcriptionist, and rehabilitation counselor.

If you are in good shape and enjoy working out a fitness trainer position could be the job for you. It allows you the freedom of not working in an office and pays $15 an hour on average. This is a great way to earn some extra cash if you are a fitness junkie.

If you like to travel an awesome opportunity could be to work as a travel agent. This is a great gig in which you organize and help people plan their future travel plans. This includes transportation, lodging, and entertainment activities. These trips can range from families to corporations looking to plan trips. It is a great way to get to know many places around the world as well as make connections in these places by sending them clients. This can often lead to deals for yourself when you may decide to take a vacation.

If any of these options sound amazing to you go ahead and apply to places they are always looking for help in these fields and often take people with little experience.