Looking For Someone To Clean Your Miami Airbnb? 

Renting out your investment property on Airbnb is often more lucrative than renting it out to a monthly tenant. It is also an excellent way to generate income in your vacation home when you aren’t there. Your guests expect a hotel level of cleanliness which means you need someone reliable to keep your property pristine. Here are just a few ways gig workers can help.

Fast Turnaround Between Guests

If your Airbnb checkout is 11 am and your check-in is 2 pm you need someone reliable who can be there shortly after your guest departs to wash the linens and dishes, clean out the refrigerator, empty the trash, and perform all general cleaning. Hiring a standard cleaning company for these tasks can be a challenge because they prefer to work on a regular schedule. However, your go-to Trabajos Latino gig worker is far more flexible with their schedule. Hire the same person every time, test new people, or find someone last minute. You can even hire several gig workers to complete different tasks around the house. They can verify their work and the state your last Airbnb tenant left your rental with before and after photos or videos.

Restocking Your Airbnb Unit

Your Airbnb needs go beyond cleaning to keeping your listed amenities stocked. Simply provide a checklist of the household inventory and hire a gig worker to check and restock as needed. This includes basic amenities like dish soap, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, coffee, and paper towel. Your list can also include luxury amenities such as snacks, beverages, fresh flowers, or anything else you keep stocked.

Quality Control

You are looking for someone who will do more than just clean and stock but be your eyes and ears between guests. Someone who has strong attention to detail and can pass along the information you require:

Are there any damages to the unit?
Is there a leaking faucet or other general repair that needs to be completed?
Is the full household inventory present?
Is it time to replace the towels, sheets, or bathrobes?

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Between the high-volume traffic in and out of your unit and the high expectations of your Airbnb tenants—deep cleaning should be performed every 4 to 6 months. This includes shampooing or steam cleaning the floors, washing the ceilings and walls, cleaning the furniture, washing window treatments, and more. Whatever you need we have a gig worker who can deliver. Don’t see what you need? Find a gig worker who provides a similar service and ask if they can do what you are looking for.

Repairs, Maintenance, & Home Exterior Services

Your patio and lawn need cleaning and care too. Hire someone from Trabajos Latino to be home when repair and maintenance providers need access or depending on the task, to perform some of your exterior cleaning and maintenance. From lawn care to planting seasonal flowers, interior and exterior painting, and more. If you need it done, we have a gig worker who delivers.

Why Gig Workers?

Hiring gig workers empowers freelancers to earn money part-time or pursue their gig work full-time. Most importantly it provides you with the extra help you need when you need it.

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