Moving From Puerto Rico? Here’s How To Find A Job Fast

There continues to be a steady stream of Puerto Ricans moving to the mainland US. With the cost of living high you need to find a job ASAP. Here are some tips for getting started.

Get Your Resume Ready

A resume is required to make a good impression so it’s time to update yours. Utilize the internet in search of solid examples, not to copy and paste, but for inspiration. If it’s in your budget, hire a professional resume writer or at least have someone with strong writing skills help. Bonus points if they are someone who interviews or hires others for a living.

Practice Your Interview Skills

Your impending move is exciting! Everything will be new so be sure to boost your confidence by practicing your interview skills. This includes creating answers to common interview and industry questions to role playing an interview with a trusted friend or colleague. It’s not just what you say that matters as your body language speaks louder than words. Stand and sit up straight, make eye contact, smile, have a firm handshake, and no fidgeting. Last but not least, invest in a suit or industry-appropriate business casual outfit to make sure you are dressed to impress.

Start With Who You Know

Always utilize your resources when looking for a new job. Talk to friends and family in both the US and Puerto Rico and let them know when and where you are moving and ask if they have any connections who might be able to make introductions. Once you give notice at work, or strategically before you give notice, start networking on LinkedIn—and reach out to past and present professional connections. Even if you find a short-term or part-time job it gives you somewhere to start.

Start Applying For Jobs Online

If your move date is set, there is no reason why you can’t start applying for jobs before you arrive in the states on LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder. Look for jobs in your current line of work, but also where your skillset is transferable. For example, customer service is required in almost every industry. Many companies are available to complete the first interview via phone or video chat. With over 55 million Spanish speakers in the US, be sure to browse bilingual Spanish/English positions. If the company you work for in Puerto Rico is also in the US, ask for a transfer—or at least to be connected with a stateside hiring manager or human resources department.

Look For Gig Work

Gig work empowers you to earn money doing things you already know how to do, from basic skills to specialized areas. It is essentially starting your own business instead of working for someone else. This could be a part-time stream of income or while you look for something more permanent. However, many gig workers start believing it will only be temporary but turn their gig work into a full-time job. Consider options such as:


  • Posting gigs on Trabajo Latino where you can walk dogs, house sit, run errands, do cleaning and odd jobs, working as a personal assistant, translate, tutor, and much more.
  • Driver Uber, Lyft, or Juno.
  • Freelance on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, which you can start doing before you move.


It may take time to find the long-term career of your dreams, but in the meantime, you can find a job fast with the tips above.