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We are different from other online job boards because we target our job seekers with companies hiring¬† in need of personnel who speak two languages (English and Spanish). You don’t have to spend hours browsing through job listings. We do all the hard work for you since our jobs are tailored for those who are bilingual on any field.

We don’t offer services like an employment agency of strafing firm. We connect employers with job seekers through our job posting service where companies puts their job offers into one easy place for you to find them.

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With our job posting placements companies can reach Bilingual candidates in any city of the United States. Our sponsored jobs package are priced on a pay per placement model, with charges incurred for placement for 7 days.

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Our team offers advice from our website to help job seekers on every aspect of their job search journey. From things on where to search for a job, how to write a resume, what jobs are paying better, trend research, and useful articles to help them achieve their goals.