Part-Time Job Nanny

We’re seeking a fascinating, spirited nanny with amazing organizational abilities. As a nanny to our family, you will play a pivotal job role in providing care, cerebral stimulation and discipline. You are to collaborate with parents regarding the planning and preparation of meals, play a proactive role in activity organization.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
⦁ Overseeing the safety of children in daily activities and tending to their basic needs.
⦁ Engaging children suitable activities according to their age like free play, crafts and reading.
⦁ Play a supervisory role in the completion of the children’s homework
⦁ Set an ideal example to positively develop social behavior in children and endeavor to act as a role model in building interpersonal relationships
⦁ Capability to assign appropriate chores to children to make them learn the virtues of responsibility and self-control

Job Requirements

⦁ Certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation in infants and child first aid is desirable
⦁ A high degree of fluency in English both spoken and written
⦁ Having introductory knowledge about child psychology and the various aspects of intellectual development I children
⦁ Previous experience in a childcare environment like nursery and day care center

Job Employment benefits
⦁ We offer overtime pay if the number of work hours exceeds 40 hours per week
⦁ Provision of Sick leaves
⦁ We provide Partial Health Insurance coverage

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