Part Time Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

With the advancement of the internet, it is now more than ever possible for a stay at home mom to get a part time job without even leaving the house.

There are some great opportunities today that allow mothers the flexibility and freedom of being a stay at home mom while still making enough money to earn a living. One thing you can do to earn a living from home is become a freelance writer. This is a great gig for anyone and allows you the freedom to still run your family while earning some extra money. You can sign up for a service like Upwork and Fiverr and start earning decent money immediately. After some time you can earn up to 6 figures a year salary while still having the freedom to take care of your kids.

    Another great opportunity for a stay at home mom is to start online teaching or tutoring. This is an awesome way to earn extra cash by helping out kids like your own to learn a wide variety of subjects. All you need to start teaching people is to a bachelor’s degree, no teaching experience is required. As a mom you are already tutoring your own children, so might as well make some money off of a skill you have procured. These pay very well and you can earn good money tutoring kids.

    As a stay at home mom you can also be a customer service representative. This will allow you to work from home and make a solid living. The average wage of a customer service representative is $17/hr. This is great money to be made from the comfort of your home, especially if you are Spanish-English bilingual. The only thing is that you do not set your own hours and must answer to an employer. While they will be flexible with your hours and help fit into your schedule it still would not allow you the freedom of some other opportunities.

    A great opportunity for a stay at home mom is to be a freelance interior designer. As a mom you most likely helped to design your own home. This includes picking out the paint to the shades and everything in between. It is a creative skill that doesn’t come easily to many. You can make very good money helping others design their own homes to look amazing. You can be your own boss and only take on the job you want. It pays on average $24/hr, which is very good money. You need only a penchant for design and to build a website with your design work on it and clients can reach out to you directly. Being a mom is a lot of work, but as your kids get older you will have more and more free time. Filling that time with a part time job is not only a way to earn extra money, but also fulfilling in the process.