Retail Arbitrage Flipping – Part 1

Retail Arbitrage Flipping refers to the act of buying a product at a discounted price and selling it for a profit. This can be done in many ways. The first way to do this is to is to buy things from a thrift store or garage sale and resell them. At these places you can find clothes, appliances and other goods at an extremely discounted price and be able to resell them.

The best place to resell these goods is online or through different buy/ sell used items subsidiaries. This can be craigslist, Facebook marketplace or offerup. Many people have earned good money doing this. Mostly through the sale of vintage and retro clothing they find at thrift stores and garage sales. It is a great way to pay very little for an item and make tremendous profit off of it.

Another way to go about reselling goods is to go to your local Walmart or Target and deal hunt. Go to one of these stores and look at the prices of certain goods for sale there. Once you do this you can compare these good prices to the prices of that on Amazon or EBay.

You can often find that the prices of these goods are more expensive on these sites. However, people are willing to pay more for these goods on Amazon for the convenience of having it delivered directly to their door. You can make very good money by doing this and many people have earned a good living in the resale of goods through these online websites.

Another way to Retail Arbitrage flip is to go directly to the source. If there is a good that is selling at high quantities you can contact the manufacturer directly and start selling the product online through Amazon or EBay. Many of these manufactures will be in China and you can contact them directly and get the product wholesale. For example, when fidget spinners were all the rave I had a friend do just that. He saw the trend of fidget spinners and contacted a manufacturer in China who makes the good. He would get each spinner made for a couple dollars and sell them for 15$ online making huge profits.

This is a great way to earn good money and pay a wholesale price for goods. With this option there can be a certain amount of risk involved. You have to buy the goods upfront which means if they do not sell you end up taking a loss. This is the risk for any business venture. However, if you plan out things correctly and find the right product you should not be operating at much of a risk.

With the two previous options you can actually run the business with no risk at all. You can simply find the product you want to sell take a picture of it and list it online before you have even bought it. Once a person decides to buy it you go to the store, purchase the item and give it to your buyer. You get all the reward without any of the risk, a win win situation.