Warehouse Worker

We’re looking for a highly active warehouse worker to join our warehouse operations and allied activities. The responsibilities of this full time job position entail storage of materials, picking and scanning of orders. The warehouse worker is expected to use a motorized apparatus to transport manufactured goods across the premises.

Job Responsibilities and Functions

⦁ Preparation and completion of orders for the purpose of delivery and pick up according to schedule which involves loading, packing and wrapping
⦁ Receiving and processing of warehouses stock deliverables
⦁ Conduct inventory controls and maintain apex quality standards for auditing purpose
⦁ Ensure a tidy and secure business environment and maximize space utilization
⦁ Recording and reporting of discrepancies
⦁ Be a good team player and maintain good working relationships with managers and colleagues

Required Skills

⦁ Demonstrable working experience in the warehousing industry
⦁ Expertise in inventory software and database systems
⦁ Acquaintance with contemporary warehousing best practices
⦁ Physical capability to lift large objects
⦁ Should have an existing forklift license
⦁ Awareness of the safety best practices and ability to put them under implementation
⦁ Should be proficient in the correct labeling of containers.
⦁ Basic technical skill in the use of automated packaging machines

Career Benefits

⦁ We offer an attractive pay 401K with magnanimous employer match
⦁ Insurance plans covering all available categories ranging from Life to disability
⦁ Reimbursement of Tuition
⦁ Paid leave for holidays

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