Working as a Nanny or Babysitter

Working as a babysitter is a great job for anyone who likes children. It’s a great job that can be very low maintenance depending on the children you have to watch. It is an amazing way to earn extra cash for anyone in school. I started out babysitting in high school. It is a great gig that you can do for friends and family and will usually pay very well depending on the family.

Most of the children will be pretty well behaved and you are there mostly to watch them as they go about having a normal day. You may have to help them with their homework and keep them on task, but other than that it can be a very relaxed job. Unless you have a problem child in which case you may have more of a tough experience.

I recommend that when trying to obtain a babysitter job you first reach out to friends and family to see if they are looking for a babysitter. This way you can know what you are getting into before you start the babysitting job. If you already know and have interacted with the child it is much easier to be a babysitter for them.

If you cannot find a job through this there are many other ways to get these jobs. A babysitter is more of a part time job. They need you maybe on weekends or after their kids are done with school. This may entail picking up the children and looking after them.

Fairly easy job with usually great pay. If you are looking for a full time job looking after children you can be a nanny. Being a nanny you must love children as you will be with them all day. This can be a full time job for many people. There are a few different ways to be a nanny. You can either be a live in nanny or live at your own place and treat nannying as your everyday job.

Being a live in nanny can be a pretty sweet gig. You get free food and accommodation, however you never really get a break from your work. You would be in the house at all times helping with whatever the parents may need. This job is sometimes referred to as an au pair. You can also work as an au pair anywhere in the world.

Many European couples often search for an au pair to watch their children and teach their children English. This is a great opportunity to live in another country and earn a living. They will provide you with food, housing and usually payment.

In exchange you will help watch after their children and usually help to teach them English. You can find many of these opportunities online. Some great websites to use if you are looking for work as a nanny are Urbansitter, Sittercity, and many more. On these websites you can find good steady work as a nanny that will pay a good salary.